Functional Chemicals
Product Name Characteristics Application Photo
Hexamethylene Tetramine 99%, Powder, Micronized type RSC, Phenolic Resin, Rubber
Pentaerythritol 95%, 98% Powder type Polyurethan Resin, Rosin Ester
Formaldehyde 37%, Liquid Insecticide, Disinfectant, Resin Material
Carbone Dioxide Block Dry Ice, Solid Food freezer, Industrial freezer
Coroidal Silica 29-41%, Liquid Binder, Coating, Glouting
Potassium Nitrate 99.5%, 99,7%, Powder Glass reinforcement, Fertilizer
Sodium Nitrate 98%, Crystal Potassium Nitrate, Fertilizer
Industrial Cleansers Aqueous, Semi-aqueous SMT, Wafer, Metal, Optics
Sulfuric Acid 61.5%, Liquid Industrial Cleanser
Flame-Retartant Material Non-toxic For wire, flooring, switch, plug etc
Thermal Stabilizer excellent porosity and Gas absorption Stabilizers used with conventional organotin-based, barium-based, lead-based compound stabilizers